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Our agency offers our clients more than a new property, it grants them access to an exclusive lifestyle. This is the Palace Estate philosophy, which guides all our team's decisions. From counseling expats in the process of relocating to Romania to presenting the ideal properties that cater to our Romanian clients' needs, our experts act according to a set of healthy principles, perfectly adapted to the requirements of those demanding concrete solutions from the real estate segment.

The agency's clients are successful people, who wish to acquire or rent properties that reflect their social status. That is why our company's portfolio only consists of high-end properties, located in the most elitist areas of Bucharest.

At the core of the values we adhere to is our orientation towards the client, closely followed by honesty, efficient communication and the commitment to offer the best real estate solutions for the clients' needs. These values are the backbone of our company, values we wish to instill in our employees, clients and partners alike.



We always try to perform a predictive analysis, which allows us to have an overview regarding the evolution and the development of the company, without losing sight of the main goal - efficiency! We first and foremost strive for quality over quantity.


The concepts we strongly believe in and that are the basis of any successful relationship are mutual respect, trust and honesty. The actions performed by the Palace Estate team are characterized by individuality, commitment, excellence and competence. Our guiding principle is integrity, while perseverance and growth recommend us.



The acknowledgement of each of our clients' individuality is the essence of our success. The properties are presented to the potential buyers after an exhaustive consultation process, in order to make sure our suggestions are compatible with the clients' requests down to the smallest detail.


The perseverance, devotion, passion, commitment and transparency that characterize our work are the engines behind our actions, which allow us to use our knowledge and experience to the best interest of our clients and real estate investors.


This is the ultimate goal of all our actions, we strive to attain excellence in everything we do.


Our area of expertise is the northern part of Bucharest, which is well known for its residential tradition. It is also an important business center and a haven for premium properties. Therefore, we mainly address a superior real estate target audience, for which maturity and high demand perfectly mix with the good taste, refinement and quality of real estate investments.


Our mission is to help our clients bypass the hassle caused by the moving process, allowing them to feel comfortable and safe and to experience only the enthusiasm and joy of a new beginning. The Palace Estate vision is to bring value to each purchase by focusing our team's efforts on satisfying our clients' explicit and implicit demands.


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