Residence in Romania


Palace Estate is a full service Real Estate and Relocation company that offers integrated support and resources and provides high end services for expats and their families, insuring a smooth, hassle free and safe transition from any country to Bucharest.

Palace Estate is more than just real estate. Our services have evolved and extended in time in order to perfectly fit our clients’ needs. And since we know that one of biggest concerns for an Expat is the relocation process -we are also able to offer full, customized relocation services.

Our corporate clients discover that relocating employees is much easier than imagined when working with us. The workload of the departments that usually deal with this process is reduced, the work efficiency of new Expat employees is increased, but most of all externalizing this process to us saves each company time and money.

As an expat I know that one of the most difficult and time consuming steps when relocating to Romania is obtaining all the necessary work and residence documents. Not knowing where to start from, where the offices of the institutions are, or not having the complete documentation can cause serious delays and drain your energy.

Spend your time and energy with your loved ones and let Palace Estate take care of this for you! We will prepare all your documentation and take the lead on the entire process. Our coordinator will be in touch 24/7 providing information about the status of your work and residence documents until you have them in your hands.

Residence in Romania helps you:

  • Enjoy the general protection for persons and fortune, granted by the Romanian legislation
  • Move without restrictions everywhere in Romania
  • Establish the residence anywhere in Romania
  • Have access to all school activities or training
  • Require the General Inspectorate for Immigration to correct or to eliminate data that doesn’t correspond with the reality in documents.

Citizens coming from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area or Swiss Confederation, as well as for their family members usually need classic relocation: finding a house, school for children, Romanian language courses. The assistance for obtaining the documents (work permit, driving licence) is easier due to immigration legislation, which is less bureaucracy. They work under the same regulations as the Romanian citizens (based on a labour contract, contract for detachment etc.)

Citizens coming from outside the European Union, European Economic Area or Swiss Confederation need special relocation: obtaining the work and residence permits and family reunification documents. When this type of special relocation is not dealt with in a proficient and timely manner it can require a lot of time, patience and huge costs.


1. Residence Permit and CNP

work purpose (CNP – Civil Numerical Code)
Make available for us the required personal documentation and we‘ll get the rest:

  • Taxes for residence permit
  • Consular taxes
  • Fiscal stamps

Other elements you should consider: medical analysis.

2. Permanent Residence Permit

All you have to do is to make available for us the required personal documentation and we‘ll get the rest:

  • Application fee
  • Consular taxes
  • Residence permit

Other elements you should consider: documents authentication, such as notary statement regarding the imposable income, in order to obtain the certificate as isured of CNSAS (National House for Social Insurances).

3. Family Reunification

  • Obtaining the communication from General Inspectorate for Immigrants;
  • Consular taxes
  • Fiscal stamps
  • Translating and certifying documents like marriage certificate / birth certificate / notary statements regarding the space for living and imposable incomes
  • Residence permit

Useful Links

General Inspectorate for Immigrants:

Ministry of Foreigner Affairs

National House for Social Insurances