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Residential complexes

New residential complexes in the northern part of Bucharest

According to the real estate agency Palace Estate, the completion of several new real estate projects in the Northern part of the Capital has led to an increase in the number of new apartment sales. Company representatives claim that the majority of the apartments put up for sale by developers were sold or booked within the first three months of the year.
Among the most desired projects is City Point Residential, a luxury complex that consists of four buildings. The apartments in two of the buildings have already been sold in percentage of 80% and 100%, while another building of the complex, which is to be finalized in the spring of 2016, is already 15% booked. A 1-bedroom apartment in the complex costs € 88,000, while the 2-bedroom ones start at €113,000.
Another popular complex is the Liziera Ensemble. Prices vary between € 102,000 and € 165,000 for 2-bedroom apartments, respectively € 153,000 and €180,000 for 3-bedroom apartments. Over 60% of the 176 apartments available in the complex have already been sold. One of the main features of the apartments is the generous living surface, which starts at 244 sqm.
”Based on the relaxation of the developers’ crediting conditions and the tailoring of the prices to the needs of young families, we notice an increase in buyers from the middle management segment. The Northern part of Bucharest continues to be a dynamic market, with a large number of projects under development. The projects will go to use by the end of this year. The main draw of the area continues to be the proximity to the most important multinational companies and the prestigious private schools”, claims Yaniv Dahan, CEO Palace Estate

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