Luxury and exclusivity – Houses and villas for sale in Herăstrău area

When it comes to unique properties, luxury and exclusivity, any city has a best rated area. Centrally located or as close as possible to it, the location has some of the most special and remarkable constructions from an architectural point of view, of the quality of the materials, finishes, the elements of arrangement and decoration used. Because, if you are in ...

Luxury apartment in Bucharest

Luxury apartment in Bucharest - Why choose the North area?

You have been thinking of buying a luxury apartment in Bucharest for some time, but you still haven't found the one that works for you? Well, such a decision takes time, patience and serious documentation ahead. The real estate market is also starting to become more and more overvalued. Thus, the selection process becomes a real challenge. There are a number of things that would ...

Best selling Pipera Ilfov apartments for sale

One of the most difficult things to do when buying a property is location. It can be chosen based on a number of subjective factors or objective aspects. But when it comes to the quality of modern construction and the facilities available, It is worth opting for apartments for sale Pipera / American School. Pipera is one of the most selected and appreciated areas..

Which are the characteristics of apartments for rent in Nordului?

Advantages of apartments for rent in the North Area

If you want to rent a house in Bucharest, in which to enjoy the most benefits, the best option is offered by apartments for rent in the North / North Zone. Many of the properties here offer all the comforts and facilities you need for an active lifestyle, healthy, quiet and modern. If you choose ...

advantages of a duplex for rent in Herăstrău

Which are the advantages of a duplex for rent in Herăstrău?

If you prefer the northern part of the Capital and you want to fully enjoy all the advantages offered by location at a much better price, opt for a duplex for rent in Herăstrău. With this choice you will have more air and space, with savings on the costs of maintenance and administration of the property. And many more benefits compared to a single house or with an ordinary block of flats. It is...

Exclusive properties for rent Iancu Nicolae-Pipera

Exclusive properties for rent Iancu Nicolae-Pipera

Your home or headquarters of your company can be a proof of professional or personal standards. If you want an exclusive property that offers you all the advantages of an elitist and refined lifestyle, opt for villas for rent Iancu Nicolae – Pipera. Collaborators, partners or family will definitely appreciate your tastes and choice. Most often the attraction of the exclusive properties in...

Why choose a houses for sale or rent in Pipera?

Why choose Pipera houses for sale or rent?

The sanitary crisis, the need for more safety and clean air have led to a growing interest in houses and lands. Thus, the attention of many Bucharest residents and not only, turned to houses for rent Pipera or houses for sale Pipera. But what are the advantages and why to choose this solution? You can find out more by reading this article. Whether you are a single person, a partner in a couple,...

5 reasons to choose apartments for rent in Pipera

5 reasons to choose apartments for rent in Pipera

Choosing an apartment to rent is never easy and without challenges. Therefore, when you want to rent an apartment, you definitely want to make a choice that best suits your needs, expectations and comfort. Among the selection criteria, one of the most important is the location. Thus, if you are looking for a special apartment in a special location, here are 5 reasons to choose Pipera apartments...

40% of the expats in Romania are non EU countries

40% of the expats in Romania are non EU countries

Currently, in Romania work over 13.000 expats, of which more than 5.000 are coming from non UE countries. The origin top countries of citizens that have chosen to work in Romania, includes Turkey, with 1.420 expats and China, where from have come 1346 citizens. In Romania also are working 436 Filipinos, 155 Syrians, 142 Koreans and 111 Indians. Only 100 Moldavian citizens passed the Prut River and...

How much does relocating to Romania cost

How much does relocating to Romania cost?

Companies spend up to 2,000 euro for obtaining the documents a single expat needs for relocating to Romania. The amount can, however, go up to 5,000 euro, the relocation agency’s commissions included. Some of the reasons that cause the increase of the relocation budget are the country the expat comes from, the language his papers are in or the relocation of the entire family. The basic costs of...

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