Expectations and challenges related to the houses and villas in Pipera

  • by Yaniv Dahan
  • 2 years ago
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Expectations and challenges related to the houses and villas in Pipera, Palace Estate

The real estate market is undergoing some important changes.

One of them is the growing interest in properties, houses and villas located on the outskirts of the city, in very good areas. As a home is always offering a courtyard, landscaping options and much more comfort, the houses and villas for sale in PiperaAmerican School area are in increasing demand.

What are the characteristics found in most houses in Pipera?

Pipera is and remains a unique and exclusive area of ​​the capital, with imposing properties, exceptional facilities, a lot of luxuries and good taste.

If you want to buy a house in the area, among the most important aspects we mention:

  • Generous houses, surrounded by courtyard and garden
  • Large living area
  • Terrace, garden, gazebo, outdoor leisure
  • Quiet and civilized neighbors
  • Duplex projects
  • More green space and clean air
  • Easy access to the center and large traffic arteries
  • All the facilities of a well-developed area
  • International schools and kindergartens, American School, Cambridge School, Mark Twain International School, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor pools, individual or belonging to housing complexes.

All these aspects ensure the houses in the area the comfort, luxury and exclusivity that any demanding client wants and expects from the property he wants to buy.

What to expect if you want to buy a villa at the American School?

Any area comes with limitations and issues that can be restrictive for many. Among those we can include for the area here we have:

  • Purchase prices and administration costs are not low.
  • At peak hours and when the traffic is heavy, it is as difficult to drive as in Bucharest.
  • Public transport is not developed, most of the inhabitants of the area drive personal cars.
  • The infrastructure is about the same level as in Bucharest, with specific pluses and minuses.
  • You will not find too many state kindergartens and schools, but many international schools and kindergartens that offer exceptional conditions.

Overcoming all the aspects and shortcomings that characterize most of the locations in Romania, Pipera is a special area, which has developed a lot in recent years.

The area is much quieter than others, being ideal for a home near the city or a company headquarters. Here you can find any type of villa or house and even plots of land that can be transformed into exclusive homes, with very high added value.

Being located near the former Pipera industrial platform and near one of the most important business areas, it gathers projects and a cosmopolitan population, with high values ​​and demands.

The opportunities offered to those living in Ilfov are superior to those in other areas adjacent to the Greater Metropolis. The area can successfully integrate any category of people, Romanian and foreign, young adults or elderly, singles, couples or family members.

To find out more details about projects under development, villas and houses for sale in the PiperaAmerican School area, it is best to turn to a real estate agency and a real estate broker who knows the area very well.

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