Luxury apartment in Bucharest - Why choose the North area?

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Luxury apartment in Bucharest – De ce să alegi zona Nordului?, Palace Estate

 You have been thinking of buying a luxury apartment in Bucharest for some time, but you still haven't found the one that works for you? Well, such a decision takes time, patience and serious documentation ahead. The real estate market is also starting to become more and more overvalued. Thus, the selection process becomes a real challenge. There are a number of things you should consider, from area and facilities to sightseeing or entertainment.

Mostly, but, it comes down to the value of the investment you make. However, buying a home is a complex process, which should go beyond the financial aspects. Feeling at home is a mixture of feelings and emotions, meant to give you a constant state of well-being, calm and relaxation. That's why you should focus on areas that are known for their many benefits. Northern Bucharest is becoming an inspired choice for several reasons.

Why choose a luxury apartment in Bucharest located in the North?

Just imagine what a day in your life would look like in a quiet place, but at the same time anchored in everyday reality. The northern area offers a diverse range of facilities, which will help you easily carry out your daily activities:

–       Quick access to places of interestVillas and apartments they are close to schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, bus stops or shopping malls. So you don't have to waste a lot of time getting to your destination.

–       Modern functional features – You're tired of the gloomy blocks of flats on the busiest boulevards in Bucharest? They look like the '80s, which only inspires the standardization specific to the communist period. Northern houses, instead, are specially designed to combine multifunctionality with safety, quality and comfort. Designed by architects with artistic vision and built by specialists in the field, the buildings have a special charm, both outside, cat if the interior. They are modern, fresh, minimalist, but at the same time extravagant. Each option is based on a unique concept, which you won't find anywhere else. Here you will feel at home from the first visit.

–       Sistem de încălzire modernYou have your own central heating or in some cases even underfloor heating, a much more efficient option than the classic ones.

–       Secure access Intrarea în cartier se face pe baza unei cartele speciale. Voluntari, Otopeni, HERASTRAU, Corbeanca and the list goes on. The houses here are located in areas 100% safe for you, as well as for other family members.

–       Parking or underground garageProblema parcărilor este unul dintre cele mai discutate subiecte când vine vorba de alegerea unui cartier rezidențial. Well, most of the variants in the North of Bucharest offer you the possibility to park your car safely, without causing problems to other tenants.

Luxury apartment in Bucharest – De ce să alegi zona Nordului?, Palace Estate

Luxury apartment in Bucharest – Care sunt principalele atracții în Zona de Nord?

Besides the impeccably built buildings, the northern area offers yes numerous tourist attractions and enviable landscapes. If you choose a luxury apartment in Bucharest located in a residential neighborhood in the North, you will have it nearby:

–       Herastrau Park – Designated the largest park in Bucharest, here you can recharge your batteries after tiring days of work. Furthermore, you can spend quality time with other family members. It has an area of 200 ha, which makes it the ideal place to go cycling or various sports. The landscape is, also, dumbfounded, especially in the spring, when nature begins to come to life. In the the Japanese garden you will enjoy the scent of some of the most beautiful flowers.

–       Museums – Also in the North you can visit the Village Museum, Sports Museum or Antipa Museum. Thus, weekends can be dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of such cultural institutions.

–       Historic buildings The interwar architecture of Bucharest has something that you will fall in love with from the first. At every step you will come across historic buildings, which hide many interesting stories, taken from another world.

The list of benefits that a luxury apartment in Bucharest located in the North does not stop here. There are other spectacular things that will pleasantly surprise you and help you start your day with fresh energy..

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