9 things you need to know when moving with pets

  • 2 years ago

9 lucruri pe care trebuie să le știi când te muți cu animale de companie, Palace Estate

There are more and more pet-friendly apartments offering more generous accommodation, and simply learning a few strategies of your own, "Tried and true", will help you find your dream rental. 55% of the owners allow pets, so the odds are slightly in your favor.
We've compiled a list of nine of the most important things you need to know about renting a pet..

Many owners announce apartments which accepts pets

9 lucruri pe care trebuie să le știi când te muți cu animale de companie, Palace Estate

You might find the perfect apartment and then come across "owner's no pets policy". You might even think of moving in with man's best friend, without disclosing its presence to the owner. It is not recommended!
Your life. it will be much easier if you apply for rented apartments where pets are welcome, and this is, usually, clearly stated in the property notice. Failure to disclose your pet to the owner. if there is a “pet ban policy” constitutes a breach of contract and may lead to eviction.

You can ask the owner to change his mind

While looking for an apartment that accepts pets is the easiest way to go, some owners are quite lenient and are willing to negotiate their policy. Empathize with the pet's concerns about pets and explain how you intend to prevent common pet issues, such as: property damage, infestations, such as fleas and ticks, and behavioral disorders, including incessant screams. Finally, you want to introduce your pet in the best light as another tenant in the unit.

Provide pet references

Most landlords want to see references before agreeing to rent an apartment. Landlords want to know in advance that a potential tenant is a good risk and the same goes for their pet.. Introducing yourself with a letter of recommendation or two from your current owner or neighbor can help inspire confidence..

A pet resume can help your cause

Lighten your owner's mind. preparing a pet resume. This document may contain any information that presents your pet in the best possible light. Include the letter of recommendation from the current or previous owner, as well as proof of sterilization or castration. Information to prove that your pet. The company is up to date with vaccinations and the control of fleas / ear worms. If you have a dog that has been to obedience school, documentation in this regard could also be useful.
Also, it may be helpful for your cause to provide a copy of your problem management plan, such as fleas or worms.

rental with pets often translates into additional fees or deposits

9 lucruri pe care trebuie să le știi când te muți cu animale de companie, Palace Estate

Be aware that a pet deposit and a pet fee are two very different things.. A pet deposit will be part of the security deposit and may be returned at the end of the rental agreement.. A pet fee is non-refundable. It can be paid in advance, suddenly, or it can be paid monthly as part of a higher rental rate. The owner keeps these additional fees in reserve to help cover the cost of any damage you may cause to your pet..
Also, these fees can be applied for any additional cleaning that your apartment. needs after you move. The good news is that pet deposits are usually refundable, so, if your pet. pet is a model tenant, you can get your money back after you move. If an owner is undecided whether to accept you and your pet as a package, offering a pet deposit can tip the negotiations in your favor

The owners may want to get to know your pet

If the owner is not sure he accepts your pet, it can be useful to organize a "welcome" meeting. Taking the pet to the meeting with the potential owner allows him to see directly how well he is behaving., your pet is clean and well cared for. However, be sure to ask before taking the quadruped with you. This is especially useful if you run into race restrictions when looking for an apartment.

The landlord may ask you to buy insurance for tenants

Many tenants buy tenant insurance to provide financial protection against damage to personal property, of thefts and injuries. Also, this may include liability insurance that covers you if your pet injures someone.. Some landlords may insist that you purchase tenant insurance to meet the guidelines written in the lease..

Get everything in writing

If the owner agrees to rent you and your pet, make sure you get everything in writing. The deposit costs for the pet and any fees for the pet should be, also, specified in the rental agreement. Be sure to review it carefully and ask your landlord to initial any changes to the text of the contract at the time of signing.. After they are signed by both parties, Leases are contracts and cannot be changed without your and the landlord's consent. If you receive an extra pet or if your pet changes, you need to make sure the owner is aware of and approves of this. Also get these changes approved in writing.

Keep your pet well raised

Once the owner has approved your pet and the lease has been signed, make sure the owner never has any reason to regret it. If you have a dog, make sure it does not bark or wail while you are away and prevent any unwanted chewing. If you have a cat, make sure you prevent destructive scratches or any litter problems.
Finding a pet-friendly apartment for your cat or dog may require a little more work, but with little effort, you will definitely find new homes for you and your furry friend. The key is to look for specifically advertised rentals that are pet friendly and show up ready to prove that both of you. as well as your pet. pet you are safe bets. For rentals that are not advertised as pet friendly, be prepared to negotiate with the owners.
What is the most important feature you want in a rented apartment? Share your answers with us below and feel free to contact us later to find out, together, the home of your dreams.

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