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We support your every move… from 2005.


Palace Estate Bucharest is here to help you find your next property

About, Palace Estate

From 2005, Palace Estate is committed to helping you, our client, to find the best real estate properties and to assist you in relocating or developing your project in the north of Bucharest. Good reputation and services have been the driving force behind our real estate development agency.

It is said that "home is where your soul is". We, the Palace Estate team, we take it a step further by being here for you and “Let's support your every move” and help you find and relocate to your home or office in the most luxurious areas of Bucharest and Ilfov.

We know how challenging it is for an expat to move into a new home. The founder of the company, Yaniv Dahan, he faced this while finding a new home in Bucharest. When Romania became his new home, decided to meet the needs of this real estate market.

So, from 2005, Yaniv Dahan and his wife, Romanian, committed to helping foreigners or multinational companies find their future homes or offices, and

That's how we specialized in real estate in the north of Bucharest, in areas such as Hero Iancu Nicolae, Pipera, HERASTRAU, Nordului, Aviatorilor.

You are looking for a new home?

Contact Us. We are here to help you

And if your wish. is different from our offer, we are here to listen to you, to find you and move into the house of your dreams, facing all the challenges of relocation for you.

Despre, Palace Estate

Why Palace Estate?

Experience proves our professionalism. We are in the real estate market of 2005.

● I have worked with multinationals and embassies in the relocation process.

● We have close contact with both owners, as well as with our customers.

● We assist clients with pre-purchase verification of a property.

● We have access to the best properties on the market.

● Our experienced agents speak English and are polite and kind.

● Our experienced brokers have the experience and knowledge to advise the client on choosing the best property.

● We can meet the highest requirements, because we are here to serve the needs of our customers. Large clients choose to work with us for this reason.

About, Palace Estate

What can we do for you

We are here to assist you in every move as you find a new home:

● We are a one-stop agency for your relocation.

● Our experienced agents find the most suitable house or apartment in exclusive areas. We take into account everything you need: comfort, surface, price, facilities, neighborhood, infrastructure, additional services.

● We help you negotiate the best price terms.

● We help you conclude the contract.

● We take care of relocation when you need it. Even. We can contract cleaning services for you. when you need to move into a welcoming home.

if you are an expat

We work with multinational companies and embassies in 2005. Our experience and professionalism have been proven while working with multinational companies, helping strangers find the perfect place.

… if you represent a company

We find the best office space for your business in the north of Bucharest. We negotiate for you and move your goods. Companies such as………….. I'm talking about our experience in this field.

… if you are an investor

We are here to help you find the best plot of land for your development. We help you with the pre-check to make sure that the land is free of encumbrances and easements. Also, we assist you during the conclusion of the contract.


What do you have to do

We are with you, not u not, until you finally move on your property:

– Contact us and talk to our experienced real estate agents about your dream home.

– Our colleague will make a short list and help you visit all the properties you need in your free time.

– Also, once you have chosen the property, we are with you to prepare the legal documents.

– When necessary, we move your goods – without any effort on your part.

What represents us?

Mainly, our experience. We are in the market from 2005 and we have. Furthermore, we intend to grow.

From 2005, we found housing and relocated expatriates working for the largest telecommunications companies, IT, finance and consulting. Embassies and companies such as: ……………………………. they chose to work with us.

You want to sell your property?

We deliver accurate evaluation reports

Our area of ​​activity is the northern part of Bucharest, well known for its residential tradition. It is, also, an important business center and a paradise for premium and luxury properties.

Despre, Palace Estate

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