Why to invest in land for sale in Pipera – Ilfov

  • by Yaniv Dahan
  • 6 months ago
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<span lang ="ro">Why to invest in land for sale in Pipera &#8211; Ilfov</span>, Palace Estate

One of the most dynamic land for sale near Bucharest, in the continuous development is the Pipera area. Located very close to the business area of ​​the Capital and high-speed roads, it is increasingly appreciated by those who are looking for a new and modern location. This justifies the growing interest in the offer of lands for sale Pipera – Ilfov.

Purchasing a ground is a good investment for any homeowner. Depending on the surface or opening, it can be used to develop various real estate projects, like a detached house, a duplex villa, a block, a residential complex etc.

What are the advantages of the offer of land for sale in the Pipera Ilfov area?

When you plan to buy land, you should always consider several things. Depending on these, its potential will be used to the fullest and its value will increase over time.

Here are the main ones advantages offered by the lands in Pipera:

  • An area in continuous development

The fact that a lot is being built in the area and more and more facilities are being created, guarantee the investment and make it a safe one. A location for which there is constant interest will not lose its value, it will even increase over time.

  • Area in the immediate vicinity of Bucharest

Although the area is in Voluntari-Ilfov, distance to Bucharest it is a very small and negligible one. Access to important points in the city can be done quickly and in a very short time.

  • Close to major shopping malls

Proximity to places where people can stock up on consumer goods and building materials, at advantageous prices ensures a constant value to the property.

  • Close to DN1 and A3

Access to high-speed roads, highways, national roads, which can be reached in just a few moments, is a very important aspect for profitability and speed of travel.

  • Possibility to carry out any type of construction

Because it's not a high-rise or protected area, any type of construction you want can be erected on the ground, home, villa, bloc, hotel etc.

  • Area surrounded by vegetation and close to the forest

The area is very close to Băneasa Forest and surrounded by forests and rich vegetation, which makes the air much cleaner and more oxygenated and more conducive to maintaining health.

  • Close to leisure places and leisure areas

There are many options in the area to escape in nature or go to a restaurant, on a terrace, an amusement or playground. This aspect ensures, in the case of a residential building, much more opportunities to spend free time, without wasting much time traveling.

If you want to know more details about offers and price developments in the area, do not hesitate to contact one of our real estate brokers with experience in services for land for sale in Pipera Ilfov.

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