7 facilities offered by the apartments for rent from Baneasa

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7 facilities offered by the apartments for rent from Baneasa, Palace Estate

An offer is interesting when it comes with many facilities, advantages, and benefits.

Current customers, for whom living standards are higher, will always choose such apartments, even if the rental costs are higher.

To see what the latest studies say, here are the 7 facilities expected by most customers, which are also found in the offer of apartments for rent in Băneasa.

What are the 7 facilities offered by most apartments in Băneasa?

In the northern part of Bucharest, modern residential projects have been developed and delivered, with very high standards of comfort and quality. Among the most important aspects that all developers and customers are looking for were:

  1. Constructions made with the latest technologies and materials
    Energy efficiency and low management costs are often guaranteed not only by responsible operation, but also by the technology and construction materials used. Being about luxury residential projects, many of the recent constructions in Băneasa offer this facility.
  2. More space
    To have more comfort, the spaces intended for common activities, such as the living room and the kitchen, must be more generous. New projects always take into account that the most important useful space to be allocated to these rooms, without neglecting the bedroom, with dressing room, children’s room, playroom or office. More space translates into more comfort, a feature we all need.
  3. Fully equipped kitchen with closet
    Even if the food preparation is not in the habit of all tenants, a modern, fully equipped, and equipped kitchen increases the attractiveness of an apartment for rent. Due to the popularity of the open space variant, the quality of the kitchen arrangement and the existence of special storage space next to it represents an extremely important facility offered by an apartment.
  4. Outstanding finishes and state-of-the-art technology
    We cannot talk about a luxury home, without mentioning the quality of the finishes and the smart technology used. A current home, at the best standards, has special finishing materials, smart technology for the air conditioning system, and even special integrations to control the opening, closing, and consumption of appliances, remotely.
  5. Places to relax and spend time.
    Jacuzzi, sauna, gym, and cinema are often available for exclusive penthouses and apartments. Many residential complexes have a wellness and spa center, gyms, and a swimming pool.
  6. Large terraces and balconies
    Relaxation and leisure play an essential role in increasing comfort and quality of life. A large terrace with lots of vegetation or a balcony that can be turned into the most pleasant place to spend time outside is more and more facilities offered.
  7. More light and a wonderful view
    Natural light is real medicine for the soul and a source of life for more vegetation in the setting. Large apartments with large glazed areas provide more energy and optimism. If the apartment is surrounded by outdoor vegetation, the view is perfect.

If you want to enjoy the best offers of apartments for rent in Băneasa, turn to a real estate broker.

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