The families that rent villas in Pipera prefer the ones with a garden

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The families that rent villas in Pipera prefer the ones with a garden, Palace Estate

More and more families choose to rent villas in the residential area in the Northern part of Bucharest.

Generally, the tenants work for big multinational corporations. In Pipera they find all the facilities a family needs to lead a comfortable life, from well-known kindergartens, schools and high-schools, to private medical clinics and fast access to their workplace.

Another criterion taken into account when renting a villa in Pipera is the existence of a green space.

According to a poll conducted by the relocation agency Palace Estate, over 40% of the families with children choose the property only if it has a garden.

For example, the rent for the most expensive villa is 10,000 euro/month.

The villa has a pool in the front yard, a 1,000 sqm garden and 5 parking spots.

At the opposite side is a house available for 900 euro/month. Its inhabitants can enjoy a smaller, 60 sqm garden and access to a pool shared with three other villas.

As for the price/sqm of a spacious building with a garden, it’s smaller than that of an apartment, in the same area.

For instance, for a villa with a livable surface of 385 sqm, the rent is as low as 3.9 euro/sqm.

An apartment with a similar livable surface, situated in a residential ensemble, will cost up to 9 euro/sqm.

The poll’s results support the statements of Pipera real estate brokers. They’ve noticed the increasing importance of having a family in choosing a home.

“Over the last few years, I’ve noticed an interesting tendency. The tenants who have a family want more space, preferably a garden, for their children.

That’s why, given the price/sqm ratio, villas have turned into the ideal homes for families with children aged 3-18. On the other hand, apartments are generally rented by couples without children or by people who aren’t in a relationship. Most tenants are Romanian, but we’re receiving increasingly more requests from foreign people, who are relocated in Romania for fixed periods of time.

The expats prefer to live in the Northern part of the city, as the conditions and facilities available there are similar to those back home”

Palace Estate representative, has stated.

The poll was conducted by Palace Estate among 100 of the company’s clients, between August 15th – October 15th, 2013.

The respondents are tenants that live in the Pipera-Tunari and Iancu Nicolae areas.

The information was provided by Palace Estate, real estate agency that specializes in expat relocation in Romania.

The company is the leader of real estate transactions in the Northern part of Bucharest.

Palace Estate offers complete relocation services and permanent assistance throughout the move to Bucharest.

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