What distinguishes apartments for sale in Dorobanti?

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<span lang ="en">What distinguishes apartments for sale in Dorobanti?</span>, Palace Estate

The location continues to be one of the most important criteria of attractiveness, cost, and selection. Thus, both the older apartments and the apartments in new blocks of flats are in great demand, when the area is a good one, located as close as possible to the center. This is one of the reasons why most apartments for sale in Dorobanti are at the top of many customers’ preferences.

If the area has attracted your interest, and you want to know what type of apartments and projects are currently available here, we give you a brief overview below.

What apartments can be bought in the Dorobanti area?

Depending on stations, locations, projects, year of construction, etc. all types of apartments are available in the area. You can buy apartments in blocks of flats built in the interwar period, before 1989, ultramodern apartments in new blocks of flats, apartments in houses, villas, duplexes. The offer is sufficiently varied and nuanced so that any potential owner has a choice.

The height regime of the area is as diverse as possible. Apartments in single-story villas or apartments in 11-story blocks of flats can be purchased. The range of housing options with 1, 2, 3, 4, and more rooms is very varied. There are also interesting variants of condominiums.
The offer of the area also includes unique, exclusive projects, built according to the latest standards of luxury, extravagance, and comfort. In the area, you can buy unique apartments or penthouses spread over a large area, with generous terraces, spacious rooms, exceptional finishes, unique, indoor or outdoor pool.

When it comes to architecture, originality, eclecticism, and a special air, Dorobanti remains a special and very interesting neighborhood.

Being a special area of ​​Bucharest, located between the center and the north, Calea Victoriei, Floreasca, and Aviatorilor, the purchase price for the apartments for sale in Dorobanti is above average, towards the sea. So if you are considering this neighborhood you need to prepare a consistent budget.

Why are the apartments in Dorobanti special?

Because it is a neighborhood close to the center of the Capital, the area does not lack any advantage or facility. Public transport is diversified. There are many specialty shops and large shopping malls in the area, such as Mall Promenada.

The neighborhood is well represented in terms of emergency medical services, for children and specialists, and even in terms of the presence of private medical units.

Families with children find in the area many alternatives of public and private schools and kindergartens. Whatever the part of the area, the educational offer is diversified. Free time in the air can be spent in Floreasca Park, Kiseleff Park, and Circus Park.

In the area, there are the most famous terraces, bars, and clubs, where young people can spend their time, dance, and socialize.

The neighborhood does not lack gyms, dancing, and swimming pools. Those who want to perform have the Dinamo Park and Sports Club at their disposal.

To make the right choices and investments that best suit your needs and expectations, it is best to seek the advice of a real estate broker!

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