Which are the characteristics of apartments for rent in Nordului?

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Which are the characteristics of apartments for rent in Nordului?, Palace Estate

Each area of ​​Bucharest has its characteristics, which those who want to buy a home or make an investment always bear in mind.

The most important criteria, which follow the selection after location, are proximity to the workplace, good schools for children, and development area, which are represented by high standards of comfort and generous surfaces.

These are also the main reasons why most apartments for rent in the Northern area are so appreciated and sought after.

Which are the latest living standards included in Bucharest?

The needs and requirements of today’s customers have changed a lot. That is why many new real estate projects and residential complexes have had to come up with an offer that adapts to the desires of the expat community in Bucharest: Hence, comfort and the best living standards are the only accepted norms.

From this point of view, the projects and apartments in the Șoseaua Nordului or Nord area are specially designed and finished to meet the preferences of an increasingly demanding category of clients.

Among the most important features made available to owners and tenants are:

  • very large apartments, with generous glazed surfaces and well lit naturally;
  • a useful space well organized and optimized in terms of needs and current housing standards;
  • large terraces, balconies, and loggias, with spectacular views, which can be arranged and used to spend time with family and friends;
  • more bathrooms than are provided in traditional apartments;
  • large storage spaces to provide freedom of movement and a better-organized kitchen;
  • numerous facilities available only for the tenants, such as spa and wellness area, swimming pool, hairdressing and beauty salon, gym, etc.
  • luxury apartments with exclusive partitions, furnishings, and finishes.

Why should you choose an apartment for rent on the northern side of Bucharest?

Some of the most interesting and modern new real estate projects for houses and apartments in Bucharest are in the North area.

If you want to benefit from the latest standards and the best real estate market in Bucharest, choose an apartment in the North.

In addition to this, peculiarities and housing advantages offered by the apartments here, you have at your disposal an area close to Herăstrău Park and Băneasa Forest, with much cleaner air.

If you enjoy outdoor sports or spending more time with family and friends outside, you can go out in the park, on the terraces, in restaurants, or in places specially designed for fun.

Wherever you want to travel depending on the season, in the mountains or at sea, the A2 and A3 and DN1 and 2 motorways are very close.

These are perhaps some of the reasons why the area is preferred by many young people, with families, working at multinationals, expats, foreigners, and tourists.

To find out more details about the properties, projects, prices, and offers of the apartments for rent on Nordului, it is best to seek the advice from a Palace Estate specialist.

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