40% of the expats in Romania are non EU countries

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40% of the expats in Romania are non EU countries, Palace Estate

Currently, in Romania work over 13.000 expats, of which more than 5.000 are coming from non UE countries.

The origin top countries of citizens that have chosen to work in Romania, includes Turkey, with 1.420 expats and China, where from have come 1346 citizens.

In Romania also are working 436 Filipinos, 155 Syrians, 142 Koreans and 111 Indians. Only 100 Moldavian citizens passed the Prut River and are working legally.

The increase of Turkish and Chinese expats in Romania is justified by the establishment of approximate 16.000 companies with Turkish and Chinese capital.

Thus, in Romania have been established 10.441 Chinese and joint venture Romanian-Chinese companies and 6.000 companies with Turkish capital.

Opposite, the lowest number of expats owning the right of staying and working, are coming from the Russian Federation (98 persons).

The number of companies with Russian capital is also lower than the Turkish and Chinese companies that are hundreds.

In accordance with the poll conducted by relocation agency Palace Estate, more than half of expats who are working in Bucharest or in limitrophe area, occupy management or middle management positions.

The foreigners, whose job is outside the city, prefer to live in Bucharest and to commute to work, even if it is to spend one hour on the road.

Many expats that are working outside Bucharest choose to rent properties in the northern part of Bucharest. From Pipera is much easier to travel to work.

Taking into consideration the traffic in Bucharest, they can spend less time till the office, which is located tens of kilometres from the city, then if they would travel on the crowded boulevards”.

stated Yaniv Dahan, CEO & Founder of the relocation agency Palace Estate.

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