How much does relocating to Romania cost?

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How much does relocating to Romania cost?, Palace Estate

Companies spend up to 2,000 euro for obtaining the documents a single expat needs for relocating to Romania. The amount can, however, go up to 5,000 euro, the relocation agency’s commissions included.

Some of the reasons that cause the increase of the relocation budget are the country the expat comes from, the language his papers are in or the relocation of the entire family.

The basic costs of obtaining most of the documents include official document pictures, putting out ads about the vacant position in a wide circulation daily newspaper, fiscal stamps or medical insurance.

The taxes perceived by various Romanian institutions also fall into this category. For instance, in order to obtain the work authorization, foreigners need to pay 4 fees, whose joint value amounts to more than 100 euro: the consular fee, the fee for requesting the authorization, the fee for the residence permit and the extrajudicial stamp fee.

The money has to be deposited at one of the Romanian Post Office, Romanian Treasury and Romanian Savings Bank units.

An expat coming from a non-EU country needs more documents than a member of the EU.

The relocation procedure requires a certificate for the validation of studies, the work authorization, the long term visa, followed by the residence permit, which will act as his personal identification number after relocating to Romania.

The fees perceived for obtaining these documents will amount to up to 600 euro.

Translating the expat’s documents will, also, add up to the basic relocation costs.

For example, translating the criminal record, the university degrees or the professional certificates from English or French to Romanian can cost up to three times less than from Finnish, Arabic or Chinese.

If the documents need to be translated, prior to the expat’s arrival in Romania, the transportation costs have to be taken into account, as well.

Should the expat desire the relocation of his entire family, they must follow the Family Reunification procedure.

In that sense, EU citizens must have the registration certificate.

The costs of obtaining it, which include consular taxes, fiscal stamps and the translation of notary statements regarding the space for living and the imposable income, can go up to 200 euro.

However, non-EU citizens, who also need the residence permit, will pay approximately 500 euro for the reunification of the family.

“The expenses generated by the fees paid for obtaining the relocation documents can even double the sums allotted to moving an expat to Romania. Considering that the employer also pays for the employee’s rent, the initial budget can go over 10,000 euro.

In order to cut back on the costs, many companies work with real estate agencies that also offer relocation services. The greatest advantage of this partnership is that, when a lease contract is signed, the real estate agency can provide the rest of the relocation services without a commission.

The client will only pay for obtaining the relocation documents”.

Yaniv Dahan, CEO & founder of the Palace Estate real estate company has stated.

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