How much do companies spend on an expat’s rent?

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How much do companies spend on an expat’s rent?, Palace Estate

The budgets allotted by most companies for renting houses for their expat employees vary between 1,500 and 6,500 euro. The most sought after homes are villas and apartments situated in the northern part of Bucharest.

“Most customers come from Europe and Asia, and the budget hasn’t changed much in the past years. It (the budget) depends on the customer or the employer.

Generally, most of the expats look for houses or villas, in residential complexes or individual buildings, which can offer more comfort. Living in a house or a villa provides access to a bigger livable space, a courtyard, a pool, a garden etc”.

the representatives of a real estate agency that specializes in relocation have stated for MEDIAFAX.

One of the areas preferred by the expats is Pipera-Tunari.

Over 35% of the rental transactions are made by companies for their expat employees, relocated to Romania over short and medium periods of time.

According to the information provided by the Palace Estate real estate agency, people working for multinational companies prefer staying in Pipera because of its proximity to their workplace, the facilities in the area and the numerous parks and gardens they find there.

The rent of the most expensive villa in Pipera costs 10,000 euro/month.

Its tenants can enjoy a pool in the front yard, a 1,000 mp garden and 5 parking spaces.

At the opposite pole, renting the cheapest villa costs 900 euro/month.

The price/ mp of a Pipera villa is smaller than that of apartments from the same area.

For instance, the rent for a villa with the livable surface of 385 m2 is of 3,8 euro/ m2.

On the other hand, an apartment with a similar livable surface, situated in a residential complex, can cost up to 9 euro/ m2.

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