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One of the most beautiful, select, and exclusive residential areas in the northern part of Bucharest is Herăstrău .

The proximity of the park with the same name and the Băneasa forest, in the airiest location of the Capital, constantly increases the value of the properties. If you choose to be the owner of one of the apartments for sale in Herăstrău, it is already proof of class, good taste, and refinement.

Many homes here are new, modern, and built to the latest quality standards. Luxurious finishes, special interiors, and generous spaces offer a new dimension of living in a 21st-century apartment.

Why is an apartment for sale in Herăstrău a special offer?

If you have decided to buy an apartment in this area, you already have a guarantee of your status and well-being. The Herăstrău area is and remains a coveted location in Bucharest that is not accessible to everyone.

Among the facilities offered by the apartments in the Herăstrău area we mention:

New constructions with modern finishes

The apartments are at a different standard than we were used to. The projects are carried out according to modern projects, which have taken into account all new advantages of an up-to-date and optimistic lifestyle.

Well-structured apartments with generous spaces

If you want to live in the north, you definitely have other expectations from the apartments you buy. Most of the projects are new or recent and have apartments organized according to current western models. Rooms are much more spacious, the living room is generous, they are equipped with more bathrooms, balconies, terraces, storage, and parking spaces.

Spectacular views

In order not to miss anything of the charm of the area and the fresh air, all apartments have a balcony, terrace or loggia. This allows you to admire the view or to spend more time outside, in the afternoons and hot days.

Increased energy efficienc

Being built to the highest standards currently available in construction, the energy efficiency offered is high, ensuring the ideal thermal comfort, any season or outdoor weather conditions.

Luxury facilities

Modern residential complexes with apartments for sale have luxury facilities. Among them, we mention 24 h / 7 reception, access to the indoor swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, jacuzzi, restaurant.

Close to parks and leisure places

If you want to spend more time outdoors or do various sports, Herăstrău Park and Pădurea Băneasa are close and immediately accessible. Due to the large size of green areas, air quality is greatly improved throughout.

Very close to the most important Bucharest points of interest

The area is very close to the center of the Capital. Depending on the day and the traffic, you can have access to everything that happens in the most important cultural, artistic and entertainment points of the Bucharest.

If you want to live in an area where housing standards are highest, choose to be the beneficiary of an apartment for sale in the Herăstrău area. Do not hesitate to ask the advice of a professional real estate broker.

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