Exclusive properties for rent Iancu Nicolae-Pipera

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Exclusive properties for rent Iancu Nicolae-Pipera, Palace Estate

Your home or headquarters of your company can be a proof of professional or personal standards.

If you want an exclusive property that offers you all the advantages of an elitist and refined lifestyle, opt for villas for rent Iancu Nicolae – Pipera.

Collaborators, partners or family will definitely appreciate your tastes and choice.

Most often the attraction of the exclusive properties in Pipera is given by the location, surface and layout, the view, the tranquility of the area, the oxygenated air, the modern look of the whole area.

And even if the rental price is a little higher, for all that it offers you, it is worth making an extra effort.

How is a villa for rent in Pipera – Erou Iancu Nicolae?

In terms of special, exclusive and luxury, the northern part of the Capital has by far the best properties. Among the most special are the villas located on Erou Iancu Nicolae Street.

To give you a clearer idea and to know exactly what to expect, we present below some of the specific details of these villas:

Splendid villas

Architectural details, finishes, interior and exterior design, terrace, swimming pool, pavilion, garage, etc. that allow impressive descriptions.

You will find decor elements, construction materials and fabulous design, which can make you fall in love quickly and irretrievably with properties.

Gf + 1 or 2 levels villas
If you really want more space and a useful construction area as generous as possible, you will surely appreciate a villa that stretches on several levels. You can organize yourself much better, whatever is the destination of a property.

Generous yards
If there is anything that further enhances the value of a location, it is definitely the yard. You will be able to spend more time outside and even take a walk or recreate yourself on days when you feel that too much work is not good.

More fresh air
Being an area located near Băneasa Forest and Codrii Vlăsiei, the air is much more oxygenated and cleaner. Due to this aspect, the pretexts to relax a little more outside will get another frequency and value.

Away from the city agitation, close to the fun
Being properties located near Bucharest, the villas for rent on Iancu Nicolae Street in Pipera offer peace, privacy and a low noise level.

The properties being located at greater distances from each other, ensure you the perfect element of removal from crowded homes, traffic and congestion of a big city with many inhabitants.

But because you are still so close to the Metropolis, you can get to the place where you feel the need to have fun from time to time, to the terrace, the restaurant, the cinema, the theater, the club you prefer.

Reputable international schools
If you want to rent a villa in Pipera to live with your family, there are many options for international schools where you can enroll your children.

You can easily leave them on the way to work or choose a school where you can get there as easily as possible.

The area offers many businesses and living benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for a really special place, all you have to do is call your favorite real estate broker and ask him to schedule a viewing for villas for rent in Iancu Nicolae – Pipera!

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