Which are the advantages of a duplex for rent in Herăstrău?

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Which are the advantages of a duplex for rent in Herăstrău?, Palace Estate

If you prefer the northern part of the Capital and you want to fully enjoy all the advantages offered by location at a much better price, opt for a duplex for rent in Herăstrău.

With this choice you will have more air and space, with savings on the costs of maintenance and administration of the property. And many more benefits compared to a single house or with an ordinary block of flats.

It is not easy to find or rent a home in a good area and even to get as many advantages as possible from your choice. But if you opt for a duplex, you can fully enjoy both.

What is a duplex?

A duplex is a house or building divided into two symmetrical or overlapping parts, intended to be inhabited by two families. The two houses can be separated by a common wall, if they are attached, or separated by a floor, if they are superimposed.

In some cases, the yard, the installation system and the roof are common. But there is also the possibility that the installations, the roof and the outer courtyard to be separated.

What are the advantages of duplex homes, as those for rent in Herăstrău?

Duplex housing offers many benefits to tenants. Among these we mention:

They have lower prices than individual houses
Because it benefits from certain common investments, such as a single thermal power plant, common yard, roof, installation, walls, etc. acquisition costs are lower.

Because some costs are split in two, they automatically lead to lower sales and lower rental prices.

They are ideal when you want to lower maintenance costs
For the reason of sharing of certain utilities and facilities, maintenance and administration costs will be lower. And this will be easily seen when the bills come.

You can choose to move in with other family members or close friends
If you want to be closer to your parents, a sister or a brother, good friends, but not live in the same house or apartment, you can rent duplex houses or apartments. You will definitely have many advantages.

You can often enjoy more outdoor space
If you have not chosen a property with a separate yard, you will certainly have much more outdoor space, where to spend your time or where your children can run freely.

They are an effective solution, especially when you have overlapping properties, with limited possibilities and small plots of land.

More safety when you leave home for a long time
If you have good neighbors, to get along well, a duplex home will provide you with much more security when you are not at home.

There is always a better chance for a person to be at home when you are gone. If you share the duplex with parents or siblings, with whom you do not have a common holiday schedule, you can go on trips without any worries.

Duplex homes for rent have a special charm.

They offer you the intimacy you need, but also the possibility to spend time with your neighbors, if you feel like it. If you want to fully enjoy the advantages, choose a duplex for rent in Herăstrău!

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